We’re Temporarily Suspending Submissions to Appseeq

New user registration and app submissions are temporarily suspended while we work on updates to the service. This measure will be in place until June 2016 for the following reasons…

  1. Appseeq gets hundreds of submissions a week via the site and via email, and the backlog of new apps needs to be cleared so we can catch up and run the service properly.
  2. We’re working on some big improvements to the service, which are hard to implement while new apps are pouring in.
  3. We’re considering dropping support for desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) so we can focus more on mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) going forward.
  4. We want to integrate Appseeq Accounts with a new Appijo Account – which will work across all Appijo services.

Both the Appseeq website, and the app will continue to work as normal for browsing apps, but submissions are closed for now.