Appijo apps are designed for simplicity, reliability and ease of use. Browse our growing collection of mobile apps below, or check out the blog to see what we’re currently working on.

Appseeq Client IconAppseeq Client for Android lets you browse the Appseeq directory from your mobile device, with powerful search features and the ability to rate apps without logging in! Check out featured apps and discover hidden-gems for all platforms.

QuickNote IconQuickNote is a really simple notes and todo-list app for Android, allowing you to quickly add categorized lists and prioritize your daily tasks with a user-friendly interface and a wealth of tools to help you get organized.

Bun-Fu IconBun-Fu: Way of the Rabbit is a fast-paced and challenging 2D platform game for Android devices, featuring 30 levels of shuriken-throwing kung-fu action that will test your skills to the limit!