Mazuna World – Enemies

Mazuna World is a perilous place filled with many kinds of enemies, and it might be helpful to know what you’re up against! Here is a list of foes that will try to stop your quest and some hints on how to beat them…


Manuna World Booga
The most common enemy doesn’t put up much of a fight – Boogas will walk around in groups causing a general nuisance.
Manuna World Chuga
Larger than Boogas and wearing a protective helmet, Chugas will throw things at you and take 3 stomps to dispatch. If you can get close enough, one strike with your whip will defeat them.
Manuna World Bat
Bats can be found in caves and desert areas, and will swoop at you if you get close enough! If you don’t deal with these quickly they can become a real problem.
Manuna World Plant
These giant plants don’t move but they like to spit seeds (or fireballs) at you. Time your jumps carefully and stomp them or just avoid them altogether. Plants that spit bubbles may be helpful to you!
Manuna World Jumpkin
Every day is halloween for these critters, and you’ll find them in the spooky forests or haunted mansions later in the game. Bounce on their heads for a boost, or duck under them as they jump.
Manuna World Crab
Don’t stomp these cowardly crabs when they’re hiding – their shells are kind of pointy! When they’re walking around, they’re vulnerable to attack.
Manuna World Blutle
Blutles have the uncanny ability to walk upside-down on ceilings, and can’t be stomped, so watch out for falling Blutles! Whip them and they become a deadly spinning projectile that can take out other enemies.
Manuna World Dillo
They may look harmless, but dillos will curl-up into a ball when whipped, and can be kicked around to bowl-over enemies in their path!
Manuna World Spikeball
These metallic balls of pain are permanently angry for some reason, and will keep moving until they hit something and change direction. Chained Spikeballs are especially hard to avoid!
Manuna World Red Dillo
Red Dillo
Unlike their yellow-shelled cousin, Red Dillos will roll at you if you get too close! Whipping them only makes them mad, so it’s best to avoid these where possible.
Manuna World Fin
Not known for their intelligence, these dopey fish will swim in whichever direction they’re facing, until they hit something solid. Easy to avoid but deadly to the touch!
Manuna World Bitefin
Bitefins are bigger fish that can swim through walls, so it’s best to give them a wide berth. Easily dispatched if you can find some bombs though!
Manuna World Puffer
This airbag may look harmless enough, but get too close and he’ll puff up like a balloon to block your way. Some Puffers can grow many time their size, so watch out!
Manuna World Ghost
These pesky phantoms will chase you around if you’re unlucky enough to catch their beady eye. Ghosts can’t be defeated, but they will vanish for a while if you whip them.
Manuna World Owl
These flappy fiends are a real menace in outdoor areas, and will swoop down and try to get their claws into you. Try to stomp them before they swoop!
Manuna World Sandpuffer
These smaller Puffers can’t grow in size, but they will leap out of quicksand in desert areas. Don’t try to stomp them, those spikes can be painful.
Manuna World Cannonball
Cannon Ball
These are fired out of frog statues in later stages, and can be stomped to traverse large gaps. Be careful not to get one in the face!
Manuna World Lavaball
Lava Ball
The only thing worse than lava, is things that leap out of lava. Time your jumps to avoid these firey lumps or you’ll be toast.
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