Appijo Now Part of Drunk Animal

Appijo has always been small and independent, which allows us to innovate freely and retain ownership of our creative vision to bring original games to Android devices; however, as is pretty common among independent developers, our strengths can be found in dimly lit rooms churning out code, and not in reaching a larger audience.

With this in mind, we are very happy to announce that Appijo is now part of design powerhouse, Drunk Animal Ltd – an extremely creative company based in the UK whose strengths will compliment our own, and help us to grow in ways that were previously not possible.

Drunk Animal Logo

This partnership allows us to provide better support for our players, more frequent updates and more innovation, as Appijo focuses solely on developing new titles and improvements to our in-house engine technology, while Drunk Animal takes care of the business and marketing aspects.

We look forward to a bright future as part of a larger enterprise, while staying small and independent.

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