Introducing the Appijo DevLog

If you’re interested in following our progress as we develop a voxel-based block building engine from the ground-up, we’ve started a new series of Developer Logs that will take you through the process as we take our existing graphics engine and optimize it for our next big project – and with any luck, we’ll end up with a finished game.

We’re starting with 4 posts that talk about the fundamentals, optimizing, and terrain generation – and we’ll be posting regular updates as we add more features.

You can jump right in and read at your leisure, and we’ll have a new post ready in a day or two..

DevLog #001 – Let’s Build a Voxel Engine
DevLog #002 – Making the First Block
DevLog #003 – Rendering Chunks
DevLog #004 – Generating Terrain

Update: The following posts are now also available…

DevLog #005 – Streaming Chunks
DevLog #006 – Adding Water
DevLog #007 – Adding Trees
DevLog #008 – Night & Day

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