Fruits Orchard Tips & Tricks

Our fruit-smashing match-3 game, Fruits Orchard can be a tough game to beat, with hundreds of tricky puzzles to wrap your brain around. If you want to progress further, here are some tips for solving even the hardest of levels…

Tip 1 – Make Use of Power-Fruit

The Power-Fruit can be very useful for clearing difficult levels! When swapped with any other fruit, all fruits of the same colour will be destroyed in a sinlge move. Save these for when you’re stuck on later levels.

The multi-coloured power fruit can be swapped with any fruit to unleash a devestating combo!

Tip 2 – Think Ahead to Build Combos

Your score multiplier increases with the size of your combos, so planning ahead can yield huge rewards, which means more coins at the end of each level. Try to think 2 or more moves ahead to rack up a higher score.

Tip 3 – Clear Tiles Quickly with Vertical Combos

Combine 4 or more fruit in a straight line will grant you either a horizonal or vertical power-fruit. You can make use of these to clear an entire row of fruit in one go!

Use vertical power-fruit to quickly clear stone tiles.

Tip 4 – Tap on Coins Bags for Free Coins

Coin bags appear on certain stages at random – simply tap on them to collect the coins inside, which can be used to buy more boosters.

Tip 5 – Dispatch Pesky Owls

Owls are one of the toughest challenges to overcome in Fruits Orchard. If you make a move without destroying any owls, all the owls on the board will either move to another square, or deposit a tile underneath. Learn their behaviors and take them out quickly!

That’s all for now, if you have any tips of your own, let us know!


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