Mazuna World – Advanced Map Editor Secrets

Once you’ve unlocked the map editor in our latest Android platform game, Mazuna World, you can make anything you want with a little experimentation – but the game’s built-in editor contains many secrets to discover. In this post, we’re going to reveal 10 of the most useful tips for making the most of your levels…

1. Super-Size with Fire Fruit

Combine any enemy with a fire fruit to increase its size! Giant enemies can make your levels extra challenging, since jumping on their heads will not kill them. This is a good way to add mini-bosses – especially if you add a key to the tile directly above them. Experiementing with fire fruit will have all kinds of cool effects!

Combine a firefruit with an enemy to double its size.

2. Bombs Away!

Adding items to your enemy spawners often makes them drop that item when dispatched, but combining bombs with certain enemies will cause them to throw bombs at you! Bats with bombs can be especially hard to avoid.

Some enemies will throw bombs at you if you place a bomb over them.

3. Frog Statues

Try adding enemies or items to frog statues, and you’ll see they can spawn almost anything! If you want to make things more interesting, we suggest you try fire-fruit to make them spit fire, or bombs to make them spit bombs at you. Clever use of spawners makes things way more challenging.

Frog statues can spawn almost anything you add to them, including enemies!

4. Fun with Spinners

Adding enemies or platforms within 2 tiles of a spinner will cause them to attach, and spin around like crazy! Spinners can be helpful or dangerous, depending on what you attach – and if that’s not enough, try attaching a spinner to a minecart track for utter chaos!

Spinners don’t just work for platforms.

5.Tricky Tracks

Tracks aren’t just for minecarts – placing platforms, spinners, items or enemies over tracks will cause them to follow the track. You can also stack enemies onto minecarts for exciting chase sequences and track-based puzzles.

Enemies will follow tracks when placed over them.

6. Stacking Enemies

Enemies can be stacked on-top of each other simply by placing them on the tile directly above or below other enemies. You want a booga riding a dillo? Yep, you can do that.

Enemies can be stacked several-high.

7. Alternative Horizontal Platforms

Yellow platforms will usually move left-to-right and back again, but if you place 2 of them side-by-side, you’ll get one platform that moves right continuously when you step on it.

Placing 2 horizonal platforms side-by-side changes their behavior.

8.Falling Platforms

Blue platforms will move up-and-down, but if you place 2 of them vertically adjacent to each-other, you’ll get a platform that falls after you step on it. Useful for traps and spike-pits if you’re feeling devious!

Two vertical platforms placed like this creates a falling platform.

9. Spinning Platforms

As we mentioned above, spinners can attach to anything – and for platforms, placing them 2 blocks away from a spinner will do the trick (see pic below). Blue and yellow platforms will spin in opposite directions.

Platforms within 2 blocks of a spinner will attach to it.

10. Faster Minecarts

Combining a minecart with a fire-fruit will make it move much faster. This can be great for fast-paced levels with tricky jumps.

Combine a fire-fruit with a minecart to speed it up!

If you’re just starting with Mazuna World’s map editor, you should start with our post on Map Editor Basics before you try these tips. There are many more secrets to find, but we’ll leave it up to you to find them!

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