Champion’s Run: Beating Mazuna World’s Hardest Level

Ok, “Champion’s Run” may or may not be the hardest level in Mazuna World, but it’s certainly one of the trickiest stages in Challenge Mode, requiring perfect timing to avoid the many traps coming from all directions! There are plenty of equally difficult levels that appear randomly in this mode, but this one needs both patience and dexterity to complete, and it seems to be giving players a hard time – so we thought we’d share a play-through of a near perfect run.

Thankfully, the Adventure Mode is a little easier than this; but for those who want a real challenge, we challenge you to unlock and complete the devastatingly difficult ‘Challenge Mode’, and if you can find or create a tougher level, please let us know!


Mazuna World - Platform Adventure
Mazuna World - Platform Adventure
Developer: Appijo
Price: Free+

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