Appijo’s 2nd Generation Graphics Engine

We’re pleased to announce the birth of the next itteration of our in-house mobile graphics engine! dScene2 (formerly deepScene) brings high-performance 3D graphics, special effects, super-fast collisions and advanced particle systems to our game development toolkit.

dScene 2 Mobile Graphics Engine

While our engine has always been a capable 3D & 2D framework, previous games have only taken advantage of its 2D componenets to produce games like Mazuna World and Treasure Gems – but with vast improvements made by Appijo’s R&D team, dScene2 smashes the perfomance offered by previous versions of the engine, and many of the games we have planned for 2020-21 will feature high-performance dScene2 powered 3D graphics – the first of which will be announced in the coming weeks!

Engine Features

  • Highly optimized 2D & 3D graphics for complex scenes at 60fps even on older devices
  • Shader pre-processor for efficient feature-swapping in vertex/pixel shaders
  • Proprietary 3D model, scene and animation formats
  • Super-fast primitive-based collision detection
  • Static & dynamic batching to reduce GPU bandwidth
  • Built-in particle system
  • Built-in UI system

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