Announcing Confuza Ball

Our latest action-puzzle game for Android devices is now available on Google Play! Confuza Ball will test your skills in a series of gravity-flipping, ball-rolling stages with vibrant 3D graphics, intuitive and challenging gameplay and a few surprises along the way.

Confuza Ball for Android

Collect as many coins as you can on each stage, and try to find the hidden gems before the timer runs out! In order to reach the exit, you’ll need to roll across walls and along ceilings without falling off, and if that’s not enough of a challenge, you also need to avoid spike-traps, pitfalls, bees and your own confusion to beat each stage!

Ball puzzle game 2020

Rolling off the edge will shift gravity, but not while bouncing!

For more information, see the Confuza Ball page on this site, or Get It on Google Play for your phone or tablet.

Get it on Google Play


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