Confuza Ball – 2 Ways to Beat Level 3

Beating our new puzzle game Confuza Ball can be tricky, and some new players are having a hard time beating level 3 “Twisting Paths”. While there are many harder levels later in the game, level 3 is the first level that requires multiple skills to figure out. With that in mind, we have some tips that will help you beat this, and other levels in the game.

First, let’s watch a video of a perfect run, with all the hidden gems collected…

Want to beat level 3 quickly? There’s a shortcut to the exit, that needs a little more skill to perform. You’ll need a bit of a run-up to cross the gap with the spikes, and timing your jump is not easy…

More Tips

If you want to master Confuza Ball, these essential tips will help you on some of the trickier levels…

  1. To cross a small gap, jump straight-up, and move forward at the height of the jump
  2. To cross longer gaps, you’ll need a run-up and perfect timing
  3. Green clocks will increase your time, but purple clocks decrease it!
  4. The sides of a level are often safer than the top, but have less rewards
  5. Watch the patterns of enemies (like bees) to avoid them

Watch this space for more gameplay hints and tips!

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