Mazuna World

Mazuna World IconMazuna World is a challenging 2D platform game for Android with vibrant cartoon-style graphics, hundreds of levels to explore and 5 unique worlds to unlock as you run and jump through forests, caves and creepy castles!

Grab your whip and try not to lose your hat, because this game is filled with tricky traps, secrets to find and enemies to stomp! Mazuna World features 4 game modes, including a fully-functional level editor that allows you to create and play your own levels!

New platform game for Android

Test your platforming skills in over 130 levels!

Make Your Own Levels

If 130+ expertly crafted levels aren’t enough, you can make and play your own levels with Mazuna World’s built-in level editor. It’s so easy to use, you can build and play up-to 60 of your own levels in minutes simply by tapping the screen!

Platform game level editor

Choose your theme and place tiles by tapping the screen!

Multiple Game Modes

Discover hidden gems in Adventure mode, beat a random selection of tough levels in Challenge mode, or collect coins against the clock in Coin Dash! With so much to do, you’ll never need another platform game on your Android device!

Platform game Android


  • Vibrant HD graphics
  • Over 130 levels
  • Multiple game modes
  • Includes built-in level editor
Mazuna World - Platform Adventure
Mazuna World - Platform Adventure
Developer: Appijo
Price: Free+

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